Appreciation Night for the Elderly Organised by the Division of Mata Pelajaran Pengajian Umum, Centre for Nation Building and Languages

Over 60 parents and elderly people attended Appreciation Night for the elderly, themed The Heart of Gold organised by 120 students of Civic Consciousness and Volunteerism course who offered an eclectic mixture of vocal, dance and drama on 22 July 2016. This event’s primary aim is to promote the value of filial piety where we saw students from Diploma in Creative Arts (Fashion Design), Diploma in Creative Arts (Graphic Design), Diploma in Mass Communication (Public Relations), Diploma in Technology (Mechatronics), and Diploma in Hospitality Management (Tourism) roll up their sleeves from planning till the execution of the event.

The event was held from 5.30pm to 8.40pm at DKA where 8 groups of students entertained the guests with a mélange of vocal, dance and drama performances. The drama featured a vast array of storyline and settings which focused on the value of filial piety. The last program item of the event was a lucky draw session and 10 grand prizes were given away to the lucky parents and family members.

This project has a number of objectives. It provides a platform for the students to showcase and hone their talent. Besides that, promoting the value of filial piety, a deep sense of respect from students for their parents and elderly is the most salient objectives of this event.

Yee Mun Jun from DMH1 claimed that not only he enjoyed the entire event, his parents were delighted and proud of their performances. Adrian John Decruz from DPR2 expressed his gratitude to all the students who worked hard to make this event successful. Apart from that, Chai Vui Kian from DGD2 said the moment of togetherness during the event is one of the most precious memories that he will cherish forever.

The collective effort displayed by the students was inspiring as they were able to experience teamwork, collaboration and embrace the value of filial piety through this event. All of them felt that they had contributed to a really good cause. Each one was humbled and inspired through the participation of this event.