The Centre for Nation Building and Languages was born when TAR College was upgraded to TAR University College in May 2013.

The Centre for Nation Building and Languages is not exactly a new entity when it was officially established on 1 October 2013 under its current name.  The Centre was formerly known as the Extra-Mural Studies Department since 1996. It consisted of, among others, the Division of Languages and the Division of Nation Building and Unity Studies. In 2009, these two divisions were combined with the Faculty of Social Science, Arts and Humanities (formerly known as the School of Social Science and Humanities). However, with the newly acquired status of TAR University College, the two divisions were separated from the main faculty of studies to form the present Centre and have then been renamed as the Division of English and Foreign Languages and the Division of Mata Pelajaran Pengajian Umum.

The Centre for Nation Building and Languages provides a wide range of language and general studies courses known as Mata Pelajaran Pengajian Umum to students at TAR University College. The Centre also prides itself as a part of TAR University College to further complement the quality of education as required by the Malaysian Ministry of Education.  The Centre aims to provide a valuable learning experience to students. It also aspires to deliver a holistic education to the students by assisting them to acquire broad lifelong learning skills, which include the mastery of soft skills, cultural and moral values, as well as enhancing students’ language skills.

In addition, the Centre for Nation Building and Languages also organises language and nation building activities throughout the year for students to participate to hone their language skills as well as allowing them to have fun interacting with one another while learning. Some of the activities that the Centre organises are debate, public speaking competition, fun video clip contest, drama competition, scrabble contest, story writing competition, pertandingan pidato and pertandingan pengisahan. These activities never fail to enable students to put into practice what they have learned in the classroom in a fun and interactive manner.