• A game on colour differentiation

On 1 April 2017, thirty one TAR UC students from Diploma in Internet Technology organised an interactive session for the marginalised children at Desa Mentari. The session was organised in collaboration with Suriana Welfare Society with the aim of promoting awareness among the children on engagement in healthy activities and the importance of education. The project also serves as a platform for TAR UC students to give back to society by performing their civic duty to alleviate social ills.

Suriana Welfate Society runs an educational programme named Kidzone at Desa Mentari to help bring in social transformation for children who come from families struggling with urban poverty. It is said that children growing up in a less privileged condition tend to be more at risk to abuse and delinquency. Therefore, Suriana Welfate Society has stepped in to create awareness on parental responsibility and to transform the mindset of the young generation towards embracing a positive lifestyle.  TAR UC students’ interactive session with the children there was in tandem with Suriana Welfate Society’s aim to reshape the mindset of the children.

TAR UC students began the session with a fun ice-breaking session. This was followed by two brief educational workshops on the wonders of the human body and the wonders of the mind. There were also interesting games and quizzes that tested the IQ and sensorimotor skills of the children. Besides, the children also had a craft activity under the theme “The Wonders of the Human Body.”  The students’ interactive session has brought much delight to the children as well as some educational element to enrich their knowledge on the wonders of being a human being.

At the end of the 3-hour session, the students presented some educational books to the teachers of Kidzone Mentari. The books were bought using the funds raised by them the week before the visit where they held a campaign to raise awareness on children’s welfare issues at TAR UC.  Before they left Desa Mentari, TAR UC students and the children took a group photo to remember this meaningful event.



Group photo with children at Desa Mentari