On 19 March 2016, students of Civic Consciousness and Volunteerism course held their very own Children’s Fun-and-Learn Day at PA Block, TAR UC. The highly anticipated event of this year saw the collaborative efforts of students from the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Computing (FSAC) and the Faculty of Social Science, Arts and Humanities (FSAH). The event spiced up the day with 12 sites offering various interesting games and educational workshops. The theme of this memorable charity event is ‘The Wonders of Life: Growth and Potential’ which aims to expose both organisers and participants on the importance of civic awareness, and to provide them a platform to learn, understand and experience formal and informal education hands-on.

  • Smiling participants queuing for registration

Children’s Fun-and-Learn Day 2016 welcomed more than 100 children and caretakers from four organisations, namely from Rumah Hope, Rumah Charis, Rumah Kebajikan Anbu Illam and Malaysian Social Research Institute. The event commenced with a welcoming speech by the emcees, followed by a three-hour activities consisting of lively and engaging game rooms and educational workshops. Each and every game and workshop was designed to provide valuable lessons that would prove to be very useful for the participants in the future. All four workshops ensured a fun-learning experience focusing on various educational topics which include “The Wonders of Human Potential”, “The Wonders of Animal Kingdom”, “The Wonders of the Plant Kingdom”, as well as “The Wonders of the Earth”.  

  • Helping one another

This exciting one-day event came to an end with a lucky draw session and award-giving ceremony for best participants and best groups. The participants and caretakers were later given a goodies bag each as a thank you token as well as packed dinner after a long and fulfilling day, before leaving for home. This charity event has yet again served as an excellent platform for students to enhance their potentials besides encouraging the value of volunteerism through a fun and exciting project so that volunteerism can continue to be a building block of a caring society. Both organisers and participants started as strangers yet ended up as good friends. The smile and laughter echoed throughout the event along with the relationship built served as a testimony on the success of this event.