In order to reach the career path of their dreams, the students are not only ‎expected to be equipped with basic skills and knowledge of their co-courses. In ‎line with the demanding, competitive and challenging world of careers and ‎talents, they are expected to be sharpened with language and communication skills ‎that will make them more marketable, hence making them stand out above ‎average.  ‎

The division which is responsible to shape and facilitate the students towards such ability is the Division of English and Foreign Languages. The division offers a variety of courses for English and ‎foreign languages, such as French, Japanese and Korean languages at Diploma and Bachelor’s ‎Degree levels.  ‎

1.‎         English Language Courses

English language is an important medium of instruction and communication used locally and around the globe. It is the language of social and business connections. Understanding these facts, the division has designed a variety of English language courses in order for them to achieve the English language proficiency and skills that they are expected to achieve.

‎The English Language courses at Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree levels are conducted ‎throughout the whole year in three semesters. The objective of the courses offered is to help ‎students improve in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.‎

For more information on the above courses, please refer to the Division of English and Foreign Languages.

2.‎         Foreign Language Courses

Other than exposing and enhancing the students’ proficiency and skills in ‎English language, the division also offers foreign language courses to the ‎students so that they will appear unique in their chosen career paths once ‎they have graduated from the institution.‎

There are three foreign languages offered ‎namely Japanese, French and Korean. Each of these foreign ‎languages is structured based on several courses and levels deemed to cater ‎the required foreign language skills for both Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree ‎students. At the Diploma level, the aims of the foreign language courses ‎offered are to enable students to communicate in the specified foreign ‎languages in either social environment or work environment. The aims of the ‎foreign language courses offered at the Bachelor’s Degree level are to facilitate ‎students to communicate in the selected foreign languages in either the social ‎setting, work environment or various situations. ‎

For more information on the above courses, please refer to the Division of English and Foreign Languages.  ‎