• Students during an interactive communication session with one of the senior citizens.

Based on the theme of Filial Piety, students of Civic Consciousness and Volunteerism course from Diploma in Social Science (Counselling), Diploma in Science (Chemistry and Biology), Diploma in Mass Communication (Media Studies), Diploma in Science (Computer Science and Management Mathematics) and Diploma in Science (Computer Science and Computer Mathematics) had taken the challenge to carry out selling an awareness campaign to promote the importance of filial piety at Yum Yum Cafeteria from 20 March – 23 March 2017. The fund collected will be used to buy household items for the elderly during the visitation to the old folks’ homes.

On Saturday, 25 March 2017, imbued with a spirit of altruism, a team consisted of TAR UC staff and 150 students, paid a visit to a four old folks’ homes to bring cheer to the elderly. The students visited Tong Sim Senior Citizen Care Home, Rumah Warga Emas NACSCOM, Rumah Orang Tua Ampang and Sincere Care Home. Food and other household items were donated to alleviate the maintenance of the senior citizens. The students also donated the money collected from selling the awareness campaign to the old folks’ homes to ease their burden. Our volunteers sang a medley of old songs to entertain the elderly who were often alone and confined to the homes.

Natalie Chow Ern from Diploma in Media Studies claimed that the visitation was indeed a valuable experience for her as she was exposed to the alienated senior citizens who need more attention from the society. She believes that although some of the senior citizens might have cognitive as well as physical limitations, they still enjoyed the pleasant companionship of visitors. Ea Choon Chen from Diploma in Counselling felt that this visitation had brightened the day for the old folks, and he hopes that such sincere gestures should be maintained and continued in future.

The students felt that they had contributed to a good cause and that they had put in herculean efforts in making the event a success. Students were able to experience teamwork, collaboration and polish their inter-personal communication skills through this event. This project also aims to encourage the spirit of volunteerism with the hope that it will encourage more contributions from the students to the community after graduation.