Ms Cheng Wei Fong, Head of Division of English and Foreign Languages, the Centre for Nation Building and Languages shared her experience volunteering in Evelyn Charity Crew. The purpose of conducting the interview with her is to create awareness about the joy of sowing these seeds of kindness and extending help to enrich the lives of others. It is hoped that her sharing will stir many more hearts to step out and be volunteers for community services.

Interviewer:    How did you get to know about the voluntary work?

Ms Cheng:       I was helping out in a flea market in Penchala Hills two years ago. There I met these young people who called themselves as Evelyn Charity Crew or ECC. They are so enthusiastic about helping others. They were a fantastic group of people and were very committed in whatever they were doing.

Interviewer:    What inspired you to contribute to this voluntary work?

Ms Cheng:       There are many people who don’t have the opportunity to step out of poverty. Some don’t have the love from their parents and family. By spending a bit of our time doing voluntary work, we could make a huge difference in the lives of those unfortunate.

Interviewer:    What is your role in the activity/activities?

Ms Cheng:       In ECC, we are volunteers who assist in whatever we can. We could be the ushers in an event, helping out in fund raising, taking orphans, old people and the OKU out for activities such as watching a show, movie, visit ostrich farm, etc.

Interviewer:    What skills and experiences are needed for this voluntary work?

Ms Cheng:       I believe that we don’t need any special skills. All we need is to have a passionate heart and willing to lend a helping hand.

Interviewer:    What kind of changes do you hope to bring to this organization or community?

Ms Cheng:       I hope that there are more young people who will be inspired by what ECC is doing and will come together to make a difference.

Interviewer:    What are the best and challenging experiences about this voluntary work?

Ms Cheng:       There was an outing last year that ECC participated and we brought some old folks and special children to Ostrich Farm, Yakult Factory as well as the Army Museum. We had to feed some of the OKU children and adults as some couldn’t manage on their own. It was challenging to take care of the OKU children as you had to understand how to communicate with them. But to see the smile on their faces is the priceless gift and you felt that all that you have done was worthwhile.