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Hope for Nature

From 18 July till 6 August 2016, TAR UC collaborated with Junior Chamber International (JCI) in a green project under the theme “Hope for Nature.’ Activities under this project includes efforts to create awareness on environmental issues and to conserve the tropical rain forests through tree planting projects as well as efforts to reduce waste and sustainable consumption through the 3R’s endeavor (reduce, reuse and recycle). The students realised that many people do not see the long term implications of environmental degradation to mankind. Therefore, it is pertinent that awareness campaigns on such concerns are carried out regularly to awaken man’s conscience regarding their civic role in conserving the environment.

From 18 to 22 July 2016, about 300 students from Diploma in Quantity Surveying, Diploma in Property Management, Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Diploma in Mechatronics, and Diploma in Food Science taking Civic Consciousness and Volunteerism course participated in an awareness campaign at Red Brick Caféteria  on issues pertaining to deforestation and global warming. This campaign was organized to create awareness among TAR UC students on the importance of conserving our natural tropical rainforest and to alert students about the danger of global warming. The students that organised this campaign were very excited about the new sphere of learning experience since most of them are in the first semester of their diploma study. In addition, members from JCI, an NGO that promotes active citizenship, dropped by to visit the exhibition booths on first day of the campaign to give the students a boost of morale support.

On 23 July 2016 and 6 August 2016, the students got to experience tree planting first-hand through their participation in two tree planting projects. First, about 100 students participated in the tree planting activity at North Selangor that was organised by Global Environment Centre (GEC). Then, about 70 students lent a hand in greening the areas within the vicinity of Kampung Boyan, a planting project that was done in collaboration with EcoKnights and DBKL. Several members from the Green Society, TAR UC and JCI joined them in this noble effort.