The TAR UC Inter-campus Public Speaking Competition was held on 24th October, 2016 at the Auditorium, Bangunan Tun Tan Siew Sin. The competition officiated by a speech from the Vice President, Ms. Kho Sok Kee. Among the VIPs present were Mr. Lee Hwee Chuin, Legal Advisor of the university college and Ms. Ooi Shu Lua, Registrar among other Senior UC Officials.

  • 1.	A group photo with the honourable panel of adjudicators (Ms. Thavarubini, Mr. Teddy Nelson and Mr. Joseph Wong, together with TAR UC’s Vice President, Ms. Kho Sok Kee (far left); Ms. Karthiyani Shanmugam (second from right), Head, Centre of Nation Building and Languages and Ms. Cheng (far right), Head, Division of English and Foreign Languages.
  • 2.	All the contestants together with Ms. Kho, Ms. Karthiyani and Ms. Cheng.
  • 3.	Emcees of the day - Kelvin Chiar from Bachelor of Bioscience with Chemistry and Lim Pui Kee from Bachelor of Banking and Finance.
  • 5.	Contestant #1 - Pang Zhi Ching (DPR2), from Johor Branch Campus with her speech title ‘Live and Learn’.
  • 7.	Contestant #3 - Adrian Ong (DPR2), from Perak Branch Campus with his speech title ‘Our World Our Future’.
  • 8.	Contestant #4 - Phang Sing-Yee (RPR2), from KL Main Campus with her speech title ‘About Time’.
  • 9.	Contestant #5 - Siddhatta Chong Carl Chun (DST2), from KL Main Campus with his speech title ‘Change the World with Good Values’.
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Prior to the competition, eight participants from the Kuala Lumpur Main Campus, Penang, Perak and Johor Branch Campuses contested on 23rd October to qualify for the final round. Subsequently, five students successfully made it into the final round. Each of them presented their prepared speeches on the theme – ‘The Hands of Our Future’. These speeches were adjudicated by Mr. Teddy Nelson, the chief adjudicator and lecturer from the Centre for Pre-university Studies; Mr. Joseph Wong, District TLI Chair from Toastmasters International District 102 and Ms. Thavarubini Subramaniam, an artist and digital specialist, who was a former student of the UC.

The first speaker, Pang Zhi Ching, a DPR2 student from Johor Branch Campus presented a speech titled ‘Live and Learn’. Her enlightening speech was followed by another encouraging speech, ‘Change’, by Leow Kai Xian, a DPR2 student from Perak Branch Campus. Adrian Ong, a DPR2 student from Perak Branch Campus shared his two-cent on ‘Our World Our Future’ while the fourth contestant, Phang Sing-Yee, an RPR3 student from KL Main Campus told the audience it’s ‘About Time’ that changes should be made. Last but not least, the final contestant, Siddhatta Chong Carl Chun, a DST2 student from KL Main Campus, strongly believed that everyone can ‘Change the World with Good Values’. While waiting for the marks to be finalized, Ms. Thavarubini Subramaniam had an engaging sharing session with the audience on ‘Follow Your Fear’.

Siddhatta emerged as the winner of the Inter-campus Public Speaking Competition 2016 while Phang Sing-Yee and Adrian Ong won the first and second runner-ups respectively. Prizes and trophies were presented to the winners by Ms. Kho, accompanied by Ms. Karthiyani (Head of Centre of Nation Building and Languages) and Ms. Cheng (Head of Division, Division of English and Foreign Languages). A token of appreciation was also presented by Ms. Kho to the adjudicators for a job well done.