The wind was mild and the sun was bright, a group of year two students from Diploma in Computer Science and Statistics taking the Civic Consciousness and Volunteerism course made a concerted effort to play their role in an environmental conservation effort, under the Landscaping Programme at TARUC Woodland Park Area on 2nd and 4th March 2016. A team of 36 students fully contributed and volunteered to involve in this project in order to beautify the selected locations on campus with greeneries and to make a short video clip on the task to be submitted to MNS for competition.

The programme started off with a small group meeting with the Estate Manager Mr. Pushpanathan. The students were given guidelines on the method to landscaping and started to distribute work in order to beautify the area. With the monitor of the tutor Mr. Muguunthan and the project manager Mr. Teng, they were divided into four groups according to tasks: the first group worked on sweeping the dry leaves meanwhile the second group participated in cutting the tree, the third group joined to collect all the swept dry leaves into a plastic bag, and lastly the forth group was taking photos and videos in order to make a short video clip for the MNS competition. During the landscaping, the students were enlightened about the importance of team work and have learnt leadership value on how to manage a team. When problems occurred, they managed to solve it together and hence built closer relationship to each other in this project.

After the landscaping, the students realised the importance of protecting the nature. By comparing the cleanliness of the area before and after the programme, they have created the awareness of environmental protection among themselves. They felt satisfied of the clean and good surroundings after they beautified the environment yet learnt the way to take care of the nature such as “Go Green”. Nowadays, having a life that is walled up by concrete buildings and technological advancement, the youngsters today likely have little awareness about the current environmental concerns.