The environment and its preservation have been of global concern since human factors evidently alter the course of our mother earth’s sustainability. With the aim to save our mother earth, about 80 students taking Civic Consciousness and Volunteerism participated in the Green Project from 18 – 21 July 2016. The students were from Diploma in Hospitality Management (Hotel Management), M1DHT G7 – G10. The three sub projects they took part in were namely the collection of recyclable items, the awareness campaign on recycling and the collection of books for Library Project.

The collection of the recyclable items and the awareness campaign on recycling project were held at Red Bricks Cafeteria (Canteen 1) whilst several boxes had been placed at faculties / departments / centres of TAR UC during the campaign period to collect books from staff members for the Library Project for underprivileged children.

A lorry from Pertubuhan Amal Seri Sinar (Hulu Langat) was sent to TAR UC to collect recyclable items from students’ booths at Red Bricks Cafeteria on 21 July 2016. Despite facing many hurdles, the students managed to bring unwanted boxes, newspapers, plastic bottles, clothes, and glass bottles to their booths via different modes of transportation. They were able to collect quite an impressive amount of recyclable items through the campaign. They also gained support from several lecturers who were willing to bring recyclable items for their project.

Photo 2

Photo 2: Some of the creative items on display

Meanwhile, for the awareness campaign on recycling, the students had prepared well to ensure the success of the project. Many green related games such as “Fishing Fish” and demonstration on how to produce creative candles which was made by used oil were also available at the booths. The students also displayed their creativity by exhibiting creative items at their booths such as little pots of plants, tiny recycle bins, and plates made by leaves to attract visitors to their booths. All of these items were made from recyclable items. They received a pleasant surprise from members of the Junior Chamber International (JCI, a non-governmental organisation), led by Mr Eddie who dropped by at their booths to chat with them. The Green Project is a collaborative effort between the Centre for Nation Building and Languages (CNBL) and Junior Chamber International (JCI).

Books collected for the Library Project will be used to stock up the library of the children under Matang Jaya Adoption Programme and the library of the orang asli in Bentong. This time around, we received encouraging support from staff especially staff from CNBL. Several students also had taken their own initiative to donate some books once they knew the books were meant for the needy children.

The Green Project is a good exposure to the students to be more appreciative and concerned about the environment. According to Tan Chiaw Chuan, a student from DQS 1, everyone should join hands to support the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Repurpose) campaign in order to save our mother earth.