Pertandingan Pidato Bahasa Malaysia 2016 was held at the Auditorium, Tun Tan Siew Sin Building on 29 November 2016. It is an annual event organised by the Division of Mata Pelajaran Pengajian Umum, Centre for Nation Building and Languages (CNBL). Five finalists confidently delivered their speech and touched the hearts of the adjudicators and audience at the competition. Based on the theme of the competition Nilai Murni Kunci Kejayaan, each participant shared with the audience the noble values that eventually bring success to various aspects in human life.


The five finalists having a photo session with the President of TAR UC From left to right – Miss Kong Lee Fong, Head, Division of Mata Pelajaran Pengajian Umum, Miss Karthiyani Shanmugam, Head of CNBL, Zariv Chew Long Kwan, Kishendran a/l Velayutham, Yang Berbahagia Datuk Dr. Tan Chik Heok, President of TAR UC, Phang Zheng Hao and Ng Jin Qian, Roslind Mary a/p Soosainathan

During the preliminary round, 70 students from the Faculty of Accountancy, Finance and Business (FAFB), Faculty of Social Science, Arts and Humanities (FSAH), Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment (FEBE), Faculty of Applied Science and Computing (FASC) and Centre for Pre-University Studies (CPUS) took part in the competition. The adjudicators had to make a tough decision when they had to choose ten participants out of seventy for the semi- final round. During the semi-final round, besides delivering their speech, the participants also had to answer questions posted by the adjudicators on the spot. Eventually, five participants managed to move to the final round. 

From the President’s speech at the final round, we realised that the most important objective of this competition is not merely to provide a platform for the students to enhance their spoken language in Malay but also to boost up their confidence level and empower other soft skills. The President also emphasised the importance of upholding moral values as a medium to achieve success and at the same time create a harmonious atmosphere for the country. While waiting for the judges to evaluate the performance of the participants, six students from Diploma in Business Studies (Finance and Investment) performed a colourful and lively cultural dance that symbolises unity in diversity in Malaysia.


Discerning and wise adjudicators

A wonderful cultural dance performance

Phang Zheng Hao, the champion for Pertandingan Pidato 2016 delivering his speech with confidence.

The Auditorium roared with applause from an audience of around 140 when the President gave away the Challenge Trophy, trophy, Kamus Dewan sponsored by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka and a cash voucher to the champion of Pertandingan Pidato Bahasa Malaysia 2016. The speech by Phang Zheng Hao, a bachelor student in Commerce (Honours), Year 3,   Faculty of Accountancy, Finance and Business was really eye-opening when he shared his topic entitled “Nilai Murni Tonggak Pembinaan Negara”. The first runner-up went to Kishendran A/L Velayutham, from Diploma in Business Studies (Accounting), Year 1,  Faculty of Accountancy, Finance and Business. He delivered an interesting topic on “Nilai Murni Asas Ketokohan”. The second runner-up went to Zariv Chew Long Kwan, a Bachelor student in Psychology, Year 2,     Faculty of Social Science, Arts and Humanities. He presented his speech on “Pengamalan Nilai-Nilai Murni Asas Kejayaan Bangsa”. Meanwhile, Ng Jin Qian, a student from the Faculty of Accountancy, Finance and Business and Roslind Mary A/P Soosainaphan from the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment, won consolation prizes.  Ng Jin Qian delivered his talk on “Budi Bahasa Amalan Mulia ” whereas Roslind Mary A/P Soosainaphan delivered her speech entitled “Tanggungjawab Pelbagai Pihak Dalam Mengukuhkan Nilai-Nilai Murni Diri Remaja”.