With the aim of saving our mother earth, about 20 students from Diploma in Fashion Design and Diploma in Journalism taking Civic Consciousness and Volunteerism in collaboration with Tzu Chi volunteers participated in the Recycling Project on 25 November 2016. The event was held from 9am to 2pm at Yum Yum Cafeteria to promote the importance of recycling. The collection of recyclable items and the awareness campaign on the recycling project were held at Yum Yum Cafeteria whilst several boxes had been placed at 17 faculties / departments / centres of TAR UC during the campaign period.

One of the main objectives of this event is to advocate the concept of converting discarded items into cash by selling them as recyclable items. The money collected from the sale will be channeled into the Students’ Welfare Fund to help students who are in need. Apart from that, the environment and its preservation have been of global concern and TAR UC is taking the initiative to create awareness of this issue among students. The collection was impressive as students and staff brought loads of recyclable items to support the event.

Kok Hoo Yin from DJR claimed that despite facing many hurdles, they received encouraging support from the staff as they were able to collect massive amounts of newspapers, plastic bottles, papers and clothes, from various departments and faculties. Lim Jia YI from DJR added that the concept of channeling the income from selling recyclable items into a charitable fund to help the needy should be emulated by the students in future.


The students felt that they had contributed to a good cause and they had put in herculean efforts in making the event a success. Students were able to experience teamwork, collaboration and polish their inter-personal communication skills through this event. This recycling campaign is a good opportunity for the students to be more aware of the environment in order to preserve mother nature.