The ‘Seeds of Hope: Visions of Sustainability, Steps towards Change’, held on 3 and 4 November 2014, was an event organised as part of the annual Language Showcase by Division of English and Foreign Languages of the Centre for Nation Building and Languages (CNBL).

The exhibition was held to inculcate and heighten the awareness on environmental issues and realities; to reflect on our modes of living; and to empower people to take concrete actions to resolve the issues faced. It highlighted real-life examples of human potential to bring about positive changes in the environment they live in. The many colourful exhibits gave an introduction to sustainable development, the role of education and the Earth Charter as a ‘map’ that sets forth values and principles for a sustainable living.

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This meaningful event was spearheaded by CNBL and co-organised by Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) that provided support in terms of the provision of exhibits, as well as an inspiring video entitled ‘A Quiet Revolution’ for broadcast during the two-day event. The video, narrated by the Academy Award-winning actress Meryl Streep, focuses on individuals taking charge to protect and heal their natural environment, thus emphasising the role and power of a single individual.

The President of TAR UC, YBhg DatukDr Tan Chik Heok expressed his support for activities like these in his welcoming speech during the opening ceremony as they provided students with opportunities not only to enhance their English language proficiency but also to train their public speaking skills in sharing information with the visitors of the exhibition.

The opening ceremony showcased a choir presentation by the TAR UC Choir Society, led by Ms Ang Yaw Feng, as well as two poetry recitals by two students, Ng Sue Anne and Xavier Pang, from Faculty of Accountancy, Finance and Business (FAFB) and Faculty of Applied Sciences and Computing (FASC) respectively. It also included a book presentation, with the President of TAR UC receiving more than 130 books for the TAR UC library collection from Mr Michael Kok Fook On, the President of SGM.

A 10-minute video entitled ‘The Meaning of Hope’ was also produced by CNBL, capturing the TAR UC community’s thoughts about hope in their lives. As part of the programme line-up, an inspiring forum session was also held, highlighting the life-force of three individuals in overcoming challenges in their everyday lives. These individuals comprised Mr George Wong, a visually-impaired gentleman, Mr Daniel Lee, a motivational speaker who travels on a wheelchair, and Ms Evelyn Leong, an experienced therapist. The forum was moderated by Chan Wei Jie, a student from FAFB. Other activities held included a workshop entitled ‘Knowing Yourself’ conducted by En. Mohd Abdul Hafiz Hassan, a CNBL lecturer, as well as a motivational talk on ‘Hope’ delivered by Mr Wong Wai Leong from SGM.

The two-day exhibition and line-up of activities attracted a strong crowd of TAR UC students and staff alike, who were greatly inspired to play their parts as individuals to make a difference in this world and bring about positive changes in their lives.