Banner Designing Competition

Thumbs up for our creative designers!

Thumbs up for our creative designers!

The Banner Designing Competition 2016 was organized by the Division of English and Foreign Languages as a platform for TAR UC students to create inspirational messages on the importance to enhance their English Language proficiency. The theme for the designs was “The need for better English Proficiency”. It was a hands-on opportunity for students to express their own ideas of promoting the use of this universal language. The objectives of the competition were to create awareness on the importance of having a good command of English Language, to create an opportunity for students to apply their artistic talents and also to create stimulating atmosphere to boost students’ motivation to speak English. The working committee was coordinated by Ms Sridevi Balakrishnan and her committee.

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The winners were selected by a panel of 3 judges as each contestant had to deliver a 5-minute presentation explaining their design to the panel. There was also a winner selected through popular vote by students. The first prize winner was Chong Kah Yee from Diploma in Graphic Design. (DGD1) The second prize winner was Iu Choi Ghor, also a student from Diploma in Graphic Design. (DGD1). The third prize winner was Vanessa Yeoh Ee Xin, also from Diploma in Graphic Design. (DGD1). However, the design that won the most popular vote went to Loh Kai Xuan from Bachelor in Software Engineering (RSF1), who also won a consolation prize. The other consolation prize went to Chan Liang Ee(DGD1). The names of winners are published in TARC Lifehacks. The prizes will be awarded to the winners during the Public Speaking Finals that will be held in October 2016.

The contestants admitted that they were nervous, but as they saw people appreciating their designs and voting for them, they gained more self-confidence and felt validated. The voters admitted that they had to think quite a bit before deciding which design won their hearts. It involved critical thinking and how the designs connected with the theme. They gave their version of the designs and justified why they chose a particular design.

This activity provided an atmosphere and opportunity for students to apply their skills in a creative and imaginative manner besides motivating them to speak more English. The winning design will be made into framed banners to be displayed all around the campus.

In conclusion, the Banner Designing Competition met its desired objectives with positive feedback from the participants as well as the voters. It is also hoped that the designs will create the atmosphere and opportunity for students to speak more English in their everyday interactions.